Repurchasing my face at NARS

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on August 1, 2016

P1060564 (3)For a while I was a little addicted to MAC studio fix fluid foundation – it was my go-to and the foundation that I purchased over and over as soon as one was close to emptying. However, I also know that I had this love-hate relationship with it. Some days it was perfect and other days it just wouldn’t blend into my skin and dried in orange patches. I found it quite a dry foundation that clings to dry patches and it was really getting on my nerves. I looked into a few different foundations and stumbled upon Nars Sheer Glow a lot so I bit the bullet and decided to treat myself. I mean, I was in Ireland and it was my birthday so it would’ve been rude not to.

I can safely say that Sheer Glow has become my new favourite. It’s not quite as good coverage as MAC, however that’s nothing a good concealer can’t fix. This foundation seems to brighten my skin, it blends ridiculously easily and also my face doesn’t feel quite as dry when I remove it. I don’t find it as orange toned as MAC either which is one of the reasons I wanted a change. I have definitely got myself a new go-to foundation and I love wearing it.

Whilst there I also bought a few other things (oops) but I love each thing I bought equally and I know it’ll last quite a long time so really is it not an investment? I picked up the pressed powder that matched my foundation which was the shade Eden and also this beautiful bronzer (Laguna) and it’s perfect for my skin tone. P1060573 (2)It’s such a nice shade of brown and can be built up with as much or as little as you want to wear. I personally only like to wear a little bit for everyday use and this allows that perfectly. I really don’t need too much for my everyday make-up and so with the amount I wear I can see this lasting quite a while.

I’m now on the hunt for a nice highlight that will compliment this, cos why not. *gulp*P1060570 (2)

I’m not really an eye-shadow kind of person purely because I’m pretty crap at applying it. I wish I could’ve gone for one of thier really bold pallettes but I know I would really make a mess. This duo was recommended for my blue eyes and I really love it. It’s the shade Kalahari. The left side is such a beautiful brown with like a bronzed gold glitter and the right side is much more matte with only a slight hint of glitter. The two compliment eachother really well and stay on my eyes without the use of a primer which is a win-win.

Finally, I bought two lip products: one of the velvet lip liners (lip liners being something I’ve never actually worn before *shock horror*) and a lipstick that I just couldn’t walk away from.P1060575 (2)The lip liner is in the shade Patong Beach and I also use it to fill in my lips a little before the lipstick as the one I bought is quite sheer. The shade is quite a dark dusky pink but is also incredibly neutral. I’ve fallen in love with it already.

P1060577 (2)The lipstick is the shade Dolce Vita and I adore it. It’s sheer but can be built up to be a much bolder colour, especially when worn with the lip liner. It’s such lovely shade to be worn any occasion whether dressed up or just casual. It’s definitely made me want to go back to a Nars counter to have a look at their other lipsticks.

This is pretty much everything I will be wearing on my lips for the next few months (until I get bored, buy something else and then return to it again and be thoroughly shocked I ever departed from it – story of my life).

Anyone wanna go find NARS?

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