My 13 favourites of 2013

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on January 24, 2014

Since its the start of a new idea, I wanted to share with you all the things that I have LOVED over the past year. Some of these things will have been mentioned before in previous favourites posts so apologies.

the best is yet to come

1. The Fault In Our Stars – Most definitely my favourite book. If you haven’t read it, I suggest you do.

2. The Mara Dyer Series – My first two just had to be books. I’m loving this series so far but if you’re going to read it i’d wait until the last book is out because the ending of the second book is just aaaa

3. The Vampire Diaries – Two of my friends got me loving this and gosh, I’m obsessed. I love it so much, just wish I was a vampire now.

4. MCBUSTED – busted busted busted busted busted and mcfly, so happy! I couldn’t not put this in my favourites hahaha

5. Whatsapp – I’m literally on whatsapp every single day, I love it. A good group chat is always the best

6. Goodreads – I literally can’t buy a book without checking goodreads to see what the rating is and read a couple of reviews. I’m sad like that

7. Balmi Lip Balms – These lip balms are so good! They smell amazing, and I just love mine. The only issue I have is that I have trouble with the lid.. But maybe thats just me

8. Ankle Boots – Last year I bought 6 pairs of ankle boots. However I think I finally have enough. I bought my last pair for a while on boxing day, I’ll be good from now on

9. Scarves – I barely go a day without wearing a scarf, I have so many that I have a drawer full of them with one to go with every outfit. Its perfect really

10. Company Magazine – I’ve always been a big fan of Look but this year I fancied something different and went for Company, and I love them so much. They have a little place on my bookshelf, they are too pretty to get damaged hahaha

11. Candles – Towards the end of 2013 I started buying quite a few candles, and now I love lighting them in my room. My favourite one so far is probably the Baked Cookie one from Matalan which was only £3, it smells amazing

12. Frizz Ease – I have really thick hair that was rather damaged from all the bleach I used, but my hairs finally looking much more healthier thanks to this! It was also amazing on holiday, my hair barely went frizzy in the heat, I was shocked!

13. Crafts – Me and a couple of friends said we was going to make part of the christmas presents this year, and I actually loved making them. I really want to do some more crafty things this year!

Have you been loving any of the same products?


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