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on December 1, 2015

P1050024OK, let’s face it. Today is only exciting because it’s the first day we get to open our advent calendars. Hate to brag but I’m very proud to say that I have an Elsa one THAT LIGHTS UP and I couldn’t be more excited about that.

Today is day 1 of December and that is crazy, I won’t go into how crazy because I’m pretty sure every single person and their dog is saying they can’t believe December has come around so quickly. (Although, I am of yet to hear it from my own dogs. Come on Sully and Simba, SPEAK). I am pretty gutted that November is over, it’s by far my favourite month and now I have to wait a full year for it to come back. Darn the whole 12 months in a year thing, why can’t it just be 52 weeks of November?!

This upcoming week brings with it A LOT of excitement as it’s the week when things finally get a little more festive and I can get all excited for Christmas. This week our Christmas tree will be going up, each room will be being decorated for christmas, I finally get to finish my christmas shopping, AND best of all I get to get the Christmas CD’s and DVD’s on. MOVIE AND PYJAMA DAY.

Although 25th December is pretty significant, I’m also hoping December goes nice and slow because I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to 2015 – at all actually. It makes me sad to even contemplate losing it so let’s not talk about that.

This month I’m hoping to do a sort of blogmas thing, which may just turn into blog as-much-as-you-can mas, where my blog will contain lots of Christmas related posts, as well as a lot more bookish and lifestyle posts HOPEFULLY.

Recently, I feel like I’ve lost my way in the blogging world, possibly down to the fact that NaNo completely took over my life, but I’m back to blogging and trying to get into that routine again. I have to say I’m pretty darn excited to start taking photos and writing my blog posts and that being my main priority again. I’m also looking forward to other things in my life starting to calm down a bit too (which I’m hoping they will in the next week) because I’m so excited to say goodbye to it, maybe just for the year, or possibly for good. I haven’t quite decided yet. It’s one of those things where my opinion currently stands at: MY GOD I CAN’T STAND YOU. That opinion could change, but I doubt it.

I’m ready to get back to me. The Rebekka who reads books in her spare time and blogs in the other half of spare time. And I’m ready to forget about all the other things that seem to have dragged me down because December is really about getting into a nice festive spirit where everything is cheery and wonderful.

December, I have plans to make you a pretty amazing month so don’t let me down.

PS: does blogmas mean I have to include the word “blogmas” or “day 1” etc in all my posts? I hope not because I’ve definitely already failed if so.

PPS: I COMPLETED NANOWRIMO WITH 50K WORDS so that deserves some kind of reward, right? I’m looking at you Waterstones…


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