Christmas Eve Traditions

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on December 24, 2015

P1050303Christmas Eve is genuinely the most exciting day of the year for me. I’d probably go as far to say that it’s more exciting than Christmas because it’s the last day that you can even be excited. I get this saddening feeling when Christmas Day happens because I feel like there’s so much preparation gone into it and it just seems to go so quickly. Whereas Christmas Eve just seems to go on and on and on.

Every Christmas Eve in our house is spent the same way and that’s what I love about it. It’s the day I wear my Christmas jumper and the day that all the Christmas celebrations finally begin, starting with my cousins Christmas Eve birthday. It also means I get to see my friend and exchange presents with her after not seeing her for so long due to her being so far away at university, and then head up to the top of the village with my family to sing Christmas carols around the big tree and have a few drinks.

I’ll be using one of my bath bombs (probably Lord of Misrule or Twilight) and I’ll also be making gingerbread biscuits and hopefully I’ll be making them at a much more reasonable time than last time. Last year I was genuinely still baking turned midnight and woke up to decorate them at about 6am. This year I’m hoping they’ll all be finished and pretty in the afternoon. Usually once things have calmed down a little we’ll watch a Christmas Movie. Either Love Actually or a good disney movie. Sky always play such good Christmas programmes/movies that night so I’m sure I’ll find something worth watching.

As for Christmas day, there’s so much to love about it. My whole family being there for a start as well as a Christmas Dinner. However I think the present giving is my favourite part. I love seeing people’s faces when they open presents and I also love treating my family to something special to let them now how much I appreciate them. Christmas Day morning is such a family time and that’s what I love.

What are your Christmas Eve/Christmas Day traditions?


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