Posted in Life
on July 7, 2016

P1060028 (1)Just arrived in Dublin ready to celebrate my birthday and it’s all so exciting, especially since my blog name has finally changed over as you’ll probably realise from the link. I figured since I turn twenty tomorrow I should have a fresh start with everything, including my blog. I wasn’t exactly happy with the way it was before and 2016 didn’t exactly provide many blog posts either, and I seem to have only just got my motivation back.

I’ve made quite a few changes to my lifestyle recently, some that I’ll only talk about towards the end of the month as I’m afraid I might jynx it, but they are all things I’m super excited about and I know will make a big difference to my everyday life and confidence. I’m taking a few steps to becoming a happier version of myself, not that I’m an unhappy person by any means but just basically changing the parts of my life that I want to be a little different. I think we all know the things that make us unhappy, whether that’s people in our lives, the way we look, or something else entirely, and while I don’t want to change everything I’m unhappy about I’m going to learn to accept those things instead.

By expanding my comfort zone, reading a few of the right books and speaking to the right people, I’m hoping that things will begin to change.

This will be my last post as a nineteen year old (sad, right?). I hope you all stick around on my “happily-bek” journey.

Have a lovely week. xxx



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