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Rarity Moon necklace *

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on August 1, 2014

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This necklace was kindly sent to me by one of my brothers friends Chloe, she has a shop on Etsy called Rarity Moon and all the pieces on there are just so unusual and beautiful. I love mine so much.

The pendant is a full moon which I think is so unique, I honestly think its one of my favourite pieces in my jewellery collection, it looks so nice with so many things and I think i’ll be wearing it a lot, especially in winter with some big comfy jumpers.

The quality is so good, and it looks so much more expensive than £9.75. They’d made a beautiful gift or even a lovely item to treat yourself to. You can buy this beautiful necklace HERE on Etsy.

So thank you Chloe! X


i heart tea

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on July 7, 2014

L1010770Can we all just take a moment to admire this phone case is. I love it so much. I was kindly sent this from iconemesis, a shop that sell the cutest phone cases I’ve ever seen.

The phone case is super thick so it protects my phone case when its being banged around in my bag, and when I decide to drop it about 10 times a day. The quality is really good and so glossy, I don’t think i’ll ever scratch the case itself. I love the case they sent me, polka dots and a little bunny in a teacup, how cute is that. I also love the colour of the background, my all time favourite colour. Iconemesis, its like you read my mind! I love dressing my phone in this case, and I have already got so many complements on it, its super super cute.

The only downfall I find with it is that there is a cut out on the side where the buttons are, if anyone else has an iphone 5 and finds it scratches so easily please feel free to have a little rant about it in the comments. I’ve already scratched my phone right near the buttons and so I prefer to buy cases that have a little bar across so its hidden, this case doesnt have them at the side for the iphone 5, but the rest of the sturdy, beautiful case makes up for it. I still wear this on my phone, those cut out sides don’t put me off it at all, Its just me being a little bit picky haha.

Overall, I do think i’m a little bit in love with this case, I love having it on its just so cute. I love the colour, I love polka dots, and I love tea. Whats not to love.

I hope you are having a lovely start to your week

Euphoria Creations

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on June 27, 2014

L1010763Last week the lovely Ella at Euphoria Creations sent me a beautiful piece of their jewellery. All she told me was that it was going to be a Surprise Parcel, and obviously this excited me quite a lot.

I’ve been lusting over their beautiful jewellery on instagram for so long, their necklaces and rings inparticular just amaze me. Their collection is so unique and definitely a statement. The item they sent me is their Blue Sesame Jasper Crescent Moon Necklace, and its the most beautiful colour I’ve ever seen.

The quality of the necklace is also really good, and for a brilliant price too. The chain is solid and definitely not flimsy at all like other necklaces you can find. I’ve actually been wearing this a lot in the short amount of time i’ve had it, it looks so lovely with whatever I wear. Its the perfect size for casual wear and could also add a bit of colour to a dressy/smart outfit.

I excitedly opened my parcel on Saturday morning, when it had only been posted the day before so delivery is ridiculously fast. It also came in a very secure padded envelope to protect it, and in a cute little organza bag so its already perfectly presented if you was to give it as a gift.

Ella was so lovely to speak to and so friendly when discussing this collaboration, so thank you so much Ella! You can buy a necklace like the one above for just £6 or alternatively you can visit their website here.

I hope you are all having a lovely Friday!


Mr Nutcase

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on May 23, 2014

Last week I was kindly contacted by Mr Nutcase offering me one of their custom phone cases in exchange for a review, I was so grateful and excited! It took me all day to find the perfect images I wanted on it. L1010525I’ve wanted a personalised phone case for so long but never got round to sitting down and doing it so this was the perfect opportunity. I am absolutely in love with this case, its perfect. I have acquired quite a collection of phone cases but all of them let me down in someway, whether its the buttons not being protected, or not fitting properly or just too bulky. This one is PERFECT. Its such a light weight case so it doesn’t make my phone hard to hold or make it look huge. It also protects both sides of the case and the clear sides actually make the front look good as well haha (I’m picky with my phone needs). The quality of the phone case is amazing, and the printed photos are so clear and of a high standard. I definitely recommend Mr Nutcase, and I will be buying from them again if I ever need to, they would also make such cute gifts for friends and family. A completely personal product for an incredibly reasonable price (start at £14.95).

I wanted my phone case to be per-fect and so I have used images that mean a lot to me. As you can see, I’ve covered most of the phone case in my favourite quotes. If i’m ever out and about I can just look at my phone case and be inspired and I love that about it. I love all the memories, people, quotes that are on here so its so nice to carry round with me everywhere.

I then decided to add more to it once I got it and so bought some of the tiny self adhesive mirrors from The Range and added a bit of sparkle to it. They were £1.99 for a huge pack so i’ll probably use the rest to cover my journal and other bits around my house.

So thank you so much Mr Nutcase for my amazing phone case. I am in love with it.


Staying Strong | Demi Lovato

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on April 8, 2014

This year I’ve been really into positive thing and happiness. I think its quite easy to focus on the negativity that occurs around us and forget all the nice things that happen. Even if we just take time to notice the beautiful things that we take for granted everyday then you can begin to see the positivity already. These books are so helpful, if you need a bit of inspiration to kick start your day then this book is perfect.L1010265The blurb: “Be grateful for your journey because it is yours alone.” For Superstar Demi Lovato, life has been a journey – a time of dazzling acheivements and heart breaking losses. She is a multi-platinum-selling recording artist, television star and actress. She has faced struggles ranging from addiction to depression, all the while on a search for self-discovery and happiness. Demi has chronicled her journey in the media, in her song lyrics, and to her millions of fans.

She has turned the lessons that she has learned on her journey into Staying Strong, a powerful 365-day collection of her most honest, brave, and hopefull insights. These are her own words, with quotes that inspire her, as well as personal reflections and goals.

This is a book for everyone, everywhere on their own journey who needs comfort, inspiration and a reason every day to stay strong.

My opinion: Like the Katie Piper books I wrote about in a previous post, this book is a page a day – every single day for 365 days Demi has written her favourite quotes, a discription and her opinions, and then a goal for you to do.

I think this book is so inspiring but my issue is that I forget to pick it up everyday to read it. I’m determined to read it properly and so I’m going to start putting post-its around the house and putting it next to my bed every day to remind me to read it.

This book will be so helpful to me and to probably every single person reading this. Starting your day reading a bit of positivity sounds perfect to me, and by purposely thinking about the goal she has set will really help to accomplish a lot and feel ten times more happier by the time the year has ended.