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Using social media more positively

Posted in Life, Other
on August 26, 2016

P1060614 (2)I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I either feel incredibly inspired to post and connect with everyone or I avoid it like the plague. And I’ve really been hating social media recently. Until I made a few changes I didn’t find it particularly inspiring anymore.

I’ve been trying to get back into it all like I used to and use instagram and twitter more for me rather than for the follows. Don’t get me wrong it’s incredible that people follow/like/retweet something I post and some people deserve so much success from how they have built up their social media platforms, but for me I felt like I wasn’t really being myself online anymore. I actually think it’s quite hard to portray who you really are in just 140 characters or in a single photo on instagram so I ended up not posting at all.

All my accounts didn’t line up with different usernames and different types of content, so I changed it. I also didn’t seem to follow many people who inspired me either and so I changed that too.

If you’re feeling a little bogged down with social media (story of my life) then here’s a few tips to mix it up and begin to love it and feel more positive about it.

Unfollow Spree

Now I know this is seen as a pretty bitchy thing to do, especially now that there are apps that tell you exactly who unfollowed, but I put that thought aside. Bare in mind that it’s your twitter account so don’t feel bad about removing negative people from your timeline. I recently went through my entire list and unfollowed those who:

  • Add negativity to my feed.
  • I wasn’t necessarily interested in their content anymore (not in a malicious way but more in a way that it wasn’t fair to have someone not appreciate their words and photos. This includes celebrities that I’m no longer inspired by – sorry 2013’s X-Factor contestants).
  • Hadn’t posted in a while.

After removing those people, my feed already felt a bit fresher and more relevant to the things that inspire me daily. I also “muted” a few people who I didn’t feel like I could unfollow.

Follow Spree

Once you’ve removed a good handful of people, you can then find new people. I follow celebrities that have gained phenominal success and post about it, people who are passionate about whatever it is they do, and also accounts that post quotes or photography. Or healthy meals and fitness clips. And on Instagram especially, BOOKS. Obviously there are other people amongst them that I just like to follow, but I mainly try to keep it to people who would inspire or motivate me in some way.

Change/adapt your own content.

After following people whom you feel more connected to, it’s down to you. Is your content something that you’d follow? Or does it not even inspire you anymore?

With instagram and twitter you can change this at any time. You have the freedom to post whatever the hell you want to use it in your own way and be yourself. Don’t compete with others and especially don’t compare yourself to other people online either.

Inspire other people and yourself through your content, and make sure what your posting is what you are happy with.

Love social media again and be creative. Make it inspiring and ensure it adds positivity into your life, because is it ever procrastination when you’re gaining sassy quotes and healthy meal recipes along the way?

Books I’ve Read – July

Posted in Books, Other
on July 31, 2015

P10309362I’ve had such a busy month that I can’t even try to be angry with myself for only reading one book, I’m just thankful it was a VERY good one. One that possibly left me in quite the reading slump trying to figure out how the hell I’m ever going to find one that’s as good.

I didn’t actually think this would become one of my favourite books because, lets admit, it’s not the best cover. It kind of gives the impression it’s one of those typical summer reads that you read a variation of ever summer, which is really why I bought it if I’m honest. Who doesn’t love those stories you’ve heard a million times? pft. However, this book literally ripped my heard out.

I haven’t had my heart broken by a book since, well, since The Fault In Our Stars. Did anyone NOT cry at that book? Of course, a few tears have slid here and there like in The Time Traveller’s Wife or Looking For Alaska, but I’ve never full on cried at a book since TFIOS, and even then I got over it fairly quickly.

Ok, so maybe quickly is the wrong word. Augustus, no :'(

But Me Before You by Jojo Moyes turned me into a sobbing mess. I cried like a full on baby. My brother even came in my room at one point, innocently asked if my book is good, and I burst out crying trying to explain to him the full story.

I cried from about page 38 and then on and off right until the end. I wish I was joking.

I don’t even want to tell you ANYTHING properly about this book, because I went into this book without a clue what to expect, and I want you to do the same. I’d only read the blurb, and even that doesn’t give anything away. I think not knowing about the plot is what made the experience so much more emotional and kept me turning the pages.

Although the book touches some incredibly tough situations, ones that I cannot even contemplate how bad it must be to live that way, it also gives you that encouragement to go out and live life to the absolute full. The characters face their comfort zones head on and begin to escape them, and they grow so much from that.

Both the characters, Lou and Will, hold such inspiring stories and it really made me re-evaluate my own life. I just wanted to do everything once I’d read it, and I love books that make me feel that way.

I have no idea what to call this post. I can barely call it a review considering I’ve told you NOTHING about the book.

But seriously, take my word for it and READ IT.

What have you read this summer? I need recommendations.

Things I’d tell my younger self.

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on July 7, 2015

P10304651) You don’t have to have a plan. Yes, your friends might know that they want to be a doctor, or a teacher, or whatever else. But that’s their future, not yours. If you don’t know what you want to do yet, that’s OK.

2) Life doesn’t have to be serious, despite what other people may tell you.

3) Don’t stop reading just because you think its “uncool” – if you get that headstart on Pride and Prejudice, our 15 year old self would have been so grateful.

4) Don’t buy the bright blue crocs. And don’t get the huge flower to stick in the front.

5) Primary School will be your favourite years. Make the most of it.

6) Make the most of your brothers before they turn into proper adults.

7) Do not even consider getting that horrible bob, or even contemplating dying your hair brown.

8) Wear skirts, and wear dresses, and don’t let anyone else tell you how you should dress.

9) Be yourself.

10) If you need help, don’t just sit there and struggle, ask someone.

11) Choosing History and Geography is a bad idea. Don’t. Do. It.

12) Don’t cry when Busted split up (they’ll come back, even better than before – I promise!).

13) Watch every episode of Recess over and over and over again, because one day it’ll be gone!

14) Stop acting like an adult and do all the childish things whilst it’s still acceptable.

15) Track down someone called Harry Styles and become best pals with him. Trust me, you’ll be thankful for it later in life.

16) Give Great Grandma a big hug, and give Scraps a cuddle. And appreciate everyone else whilst you can.

17) Don’t let anyone tell you what you are and aren’t good at. You’re literally capable of anything.

18) Stop worrying about high school. You’ll have such an amazing time, and make some really good memories, and friends.

19) Enjoy those family holidays where both brothers are there, you never know when they’ll stop. (Actually I do, but I won’t spoil it for you).

Tomorrow I’ll be turning 19, my final teenage year. Let’s make it a good one.

Autumn Stationary Haul

Posted in Other
on October 7, 2014

Stationary HaulI’m not quite sure what it is about stationary that makes me so happy, I love going into shops that sell notebooks, pens, stickers, the lot, and just buying things that I don’t really need. I end up buying a gorgeous notebook like the ones here, but not having any use for them whatsoever meaning I have to just stare at them but don’t get the benefit of writing in them. I really need a good use for them, any thoughts then please do leave them in the comments. Basically, the things pictured above are the most recent additions to my big drawer of stationary.Quote pensI actually bought these on holiday in August, but have been meaning to share them on my blog for a while, and what better reason to post them than a stationary haul! I love these, they are from a shop which I love in Spain called Alehop. It’s basically a shop that sells everything from fake boobies to stationary. You name it, they will have it. They stock such different and quirky things, some of which are so tacky its untrue. But to cut a long story short, they had stationary, meaning a huge wall full of pens. Unfortunately only about four or five that were in English, and so I opted for my favourite ones.
– ‘If not now, when?’ – ‘Different is Beautiful’ – ‘It’s time to start living.’ They were £2 each. Glitter notebookOnly last week I spotted this in The Range and loved it. Its so sparkly and I can’t wait to find a use for it. I’m thinking of making one of these notebooks like a little blogging notebook but I haven’t decided which one yet. I felt the first picture didn’t show how sparkly it was and so tried to take a closer to picture so you can truly see the glitter. This was £1.99.Ikea notebooksThese notebooks were from IKEA. £3 and £2. They have pink stitching down the spine, pink lined pages, and pink elastic strap to keep everything contained. I love these but again must find some kind of use for them. Theres quite a few things in this range, such as a little memo pad and different sizes and colours in the notebooks. Stationary Haul The paper clips in this post were actually taken form my Dad’s office at work, and the tin I store them in was from Home Bargains. It came in a set and above are the other tins that came with it. I think these are so cute and so handy for storage. They were only £1.99 for the set which isn’t bad at all.

What have you been buying recently?


PS I love you review

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on September 5, 2014

imageAfter buying this beautiful hardback copy of PS I love you a few weeks ago, I couldn’t resist reading it when I got back from holiday. I am in love with the film adaption, the author, and the setting of the book so it was perfect for me to read.

First of all, this book is completely different to the film. Like totally different. So theres no way I can even say which was better because its like they’ve made the film on a completely different book. I quite like the way this is done though, it meant that I had no idea what was going to happen and made it a lot less predictable to read. Other than the letters from her husband, the rest of the book is totally different. So whether you’ve watched the film and enjoyed it or not, I definitely recommend the film.

The characters are mostly the same, Holly, Gerry, Denise, Sharon, Daniel, etc. But there are also additions, such as Holly’s brothers and father being present. I also really loved Daniel in the book whereas I wasn’t his biggest fan in the film, I thought he was quite annoying and selfish at times.

The book made me laugh, cry, and made me completely fall in love with the story all over again. So well done Cecelia Ahern for writing yet another brilliant book.

What have you been reading recently?