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on June 23, 2015

P1030408Moogoo and Dusty Girls are an Australian skincare and make-up brand which are entirely full of natural ingredients. I know I’m incredibly guilty of slapping products on my face without having a clue what all those foreign words say on the back, nor what kind of damage they actually do to my skin. Moogoo offers skincare, haircare, and make-up and each product explains exactly what they contain, each ingredient being 100% natural.

I was kindly asked to choose some of their products from their website in exchange for a review, and obviously I was more than a little excited after being on the hunt for something like this for so long. I chose the Milk Wash, Skin Milk Udder Cream, Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser, and Dusty Girl’s Earth Cream.

The Milk Wash is probably my favourite, this lathers up so nicely and leaves my skin feeling so soft. It can be used on both the body and the face, and the products feel so healthy and non-greasy. The Skin Milk Udder Cream also caught my eye on the website as it was the first product that kicked off the whole business. This is such a nice product to use to add some moisture to the skin and it boosts the skin with the repairing ingredients.

What I love about these products is that you can read all about their ingredients on their website before you buy them. Each ingredient has a brief explanation of what exactly it is, and what it does for your skin, which I think is super reassuring.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to use the Earth Cream as I have incredibly pale skin and the colour just didn’t suit me, which is a shame. I’ve read other reviews from bloggers who absolutely loved this though so I’m so gutted that I couldn’t wear it. I just hope that more shades will be introduced soon as the idea of a foundation that is full of natural products is just a dream.

I also didn’t really get on with the Blemish Cleansing Moisuriser which I’m gutted about. This is entirely my fault though as I have this weird thing about smells. A weird smell can just put me off things so easily, too easily. I think this product was the one I was most excited about too because it contains no Benzoyl Peroxide Bleach which pretty much every acne cream uses. I’ve used creams in the past which have ended up causing my face to dry up and burn a little, but when I used this cream my face felt healthy and refreshed in the morning. The smell does disappear once it’s properly sunk into your face but I just really dislike it. It definitely won’t put me off using it completely as I’d much rather add a healthy but smelly product than one that burns my face, but I probably won’t use it as much as I probably should.

The concept of these products is just amazing, and their company have helped so many people especially with the Skin Milk Udder Cream which is now being recommended by many hospitals in Australia due to it’s incredible results.

These products are very reasonably priced, and 100% worth the money. You can completely wipe out those nasty chemicals as there is a product for everything and from the other reviews I’ve read, the other products are just as good. I wouldn’t hesitate to order from Moogoo or Dusty Girls again. You get the make-up and in return you get healthy skin so it’s definitely a win win.

You can visit the website HERE.

Bits and pieces HAUL

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on May 22, 2015

P1020796As mentioned in a previous post (this one I believe) I decided I should probably stop buying books and focus on the things that I actually need at the minute, or perhaps those other things I want. I really needed to focus on updating my wardrobe instead of being glued inside a book all the time. I think I’ve done pretty well, it’s been like a whole month since I bought books. Are you impressed?


P1020701My face has had a few break-outs recently and has just felt so drab so a moisturiser was definitely on my list of things to buy. I love wandering around The Body Shop and sniffing all their products, and the girl in the store recommended this after I explained my situation. It’s a part of their new range and I’ve used it for just a week and I’m loving it so far, I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my skin. It makes my make-up sit nicer, and also feels so refreshing – and yes, it smells so nice.

2HANDBAG – H&M – £19.99

P10207272To be honest I didn’t really intend to spend any money on a new bag, especially considering I have A LOT in the top of my wardrobe and always reach for the same one. However, I loved this bag when I saw it in H&M and it was the last one so I couldn’t just leave it behind. It seems I always fall for a satchel or bowler bag so this makes a nice change to my collection, and it also fits so much inside it. I literally love it so much, and I can’t wait to wear it properly!


P1020761These were on the 2 for £10 offer at Superdrug, so obviously I had to buy two. I was on the hunt for a natural looking lipstick and these were the best that I found. I got the shades 705 Blush Essence, and 105 Petal Plush and they are both so subtle and lovely to wear. I love how the packaging looks like a normal lipstick, such a novelty. It applies really nicely, I only wear one layer but you could build it up if you was looking for a bolder lip too. All of the colours in this range are so pretty, so I definitely recommend taking a look if you’re looking for a new lipstick!


P1020789I have a little theme in my room of ceramic animals so this fits right in. I also love owls too so adding one more to my little collection does no harm. I still want to do a little blog post featuring them all in an updated room tour now that my room has drastically changed since my last one. I thought this was super cute and so cheap, and it’ll hopefully keep all my hair grips in one place, like seriously, where do they even disappear to?


P1020790I’ve been after one of these for so long. I love having things with my initials on, I don’t know why but I do. They are personal, yet not, if that makes any sense. Obviously I got a R for Rebekka, and it’s sits on my bed so nicely, I love it.

What have you bought recently? Or what’s on your list of things to buy?



First Spring Haul

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on March 31, 2015

P1020105I actually went shopping for a list of things I really wanted to get and came home with them and not a load of crap instead. However I may have bought 1 extra CD and 3 little black classics but they were all things I needed, so hey ho.

P10200941. NEW LOOK BACKPACK £24.99
So I may have bought this 4 months in advance, but I still needed it. And now, in four months I won’t be panicking and wasting money on the first backpack I see. In July I’m FINALLY going back to Ireland and krlghksudgb I am so excited. Last year I only had a tiny camera so didn’t really need a big bag but I still felt the annoyance of trying to take photos whilst my back fell off my shoulder 24/7, and also trying to explore with an ordinary bag is quite difficult especially when you don’t want it to get dirty. Really, there was a big need for a nice backpack in my life. I can take photos with the rest of my things securely on my back and I can just forget about it. I originally wanted the black one but I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it and I think it’s much more appropriate for summer (and I also need to STOP buying black bags). P10201072. LITTLE BLACK CLASSICS 80p each – Dante: Circles of Hell, Jane Austen: The Beautiful Cassandra, Emily Bronte: The Night is Darkening Round Me. My chipped fingernails make yet another appearance, I really need to get my act together and re-paint them. It has taken me so long to find the Jane Austen and Emily Bronte books, and finally they are mine. I also picked up the Dante one because it’s a little book of poems (as is the Emily Bronte one). My only problem with these books is whether they contribute to my goodreads 25 book challenge, I just feel like I’m cheating?! Perhaps I have issues.P10201093. CD’S Charlie Simpson: Long Road Home, Bastille: All this “bad blood”, Hozier. Finally, I picked up some new CD’s. I’m not sure what’s gotten into me this year but I’ve bought so many CD’s recently, I never used to listen to much music, and if I did I’d just take songs from my brother’s iTunes: you know, they pay I listen. 2015 I’ve finally found my own love for music. So far this year I’ve pretty much listened to The Script, McBusted, and the PS I Love You soundtrack non-stop and I’ve finally got some more to add to the collection. I actually already bought the Bastille one ages ago but a few weeks ago I accidentally deleted every single file from my itunes library. So sad.

Are you going anywhere this year? Collecting the LBC’s? Or found a new love for music?

January home haul

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on January 30, 2015

P1000620It’s only as I uploaded these pictures that I realised all my home bits are candle related, maybe I should change it to “Candle Haul” or perhaps not. In the past year I’ve become a little addicted to candles, possibly because I turned 18 meaning I’m officially an adult – that was a joke. I’m still not an adult, pft. When I redecorated my room last year I hadn’t a theme in mind, I just wanted it to be blue and peaceful. Somehow, that managed to end up meaning that I want lots of ceramic animals. It’s slowly becoming like a pot zoo in my bedroom, and I really didn’t mean to. I just can’t stop buying them, they’re too cute. I’m thinking of doing an updated room tour very soon so I’ll be able to show you my vast collection. P1000623First, is my favourite purchase. Like ever. I bought this Oil Burner from the Yankee Shop last week, it was £14.99, and I just couldn’t resist it. The candle lights up my whole bedroom through the little holes that go around it, I’m a little obsessed with the Yankee tart melts – they all smell so scrumptious. Currently, I’m melting Snowflake Cookie, which smells incredible. P1000603ASDA’s new home range is so pretty, I’m a little in love. It’s all spring related with lots of lovely green things, and bees, which are so cute. I bought this little bees hive with the baby bee on top for only £5. It looks so lovely, and is a perfect addition to add to the rest of my ceramic things. P1000632I’ve gone on and on about these candles, they smell incredible. I actually already own the small Angel Melt candle, and I bought it from a local shop for £17 which is the standard price for the small size. I’ve had my eye on the taller one but I just couldn’t comprehend spending £33 on a candle. However, I found it on amazon at only £15 with free delivery and I couldn’t say no. These candles smell so good, and I already want the other scents – Eden in particular. P1000644Next’s Strawberry and Cream scent is so good, it smells good enough to eat. I won’t though. These were only £2.50 for a bag of 50. I have only one lit now and my whole room smells of strawberries.

Finally, my Yankee Melt Tart collection (which is slowly growing a little too big considering I only have the one burner):
Yankee Simply Home – soft cotton, strawberry shortcake, bermuda beach, vanilla frosting. All £1 from ASDA.
Yankee Candle – Berrylicious – £1.79, Christmas Eve, Snowflake Cookie – both £1 in the Sale.

Do you have a candle obsession? Which are your favourites?

December Mini-Haul

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on December 30, 2014

P1000423With buying Christmas presents for the past month I haven’t really bought much of anything beneficial to myself and so this haul will remain rather small. I wanted to post this before the new year so this is like a bonus blog post if you like.

Disney Alice and Wonderland Planner – BHS – £7: I genuinely love this planner a lot more than I should. I wanted a new one ready for the new year and this once started in November so I was able to start using it straight away. I love everything disney related and so fell in love straight away.

Primark Necklace – £3 – This is actually a lot more sparkly than my camera picks up, and it adds a little more to a simple outfit. It looks a lot more expensive than £3 and I think I’ll get quite a lot of use out of it. 

Dogtooth scarf – New Look – £12.99 – I’ve been looking out for a scarf like this one for a while and was so happy when I finally found one in New Look. It goes with pretty much everything, and is so nice and cosy warm. It’s perfect.

Revlon Lipgloss – Around £7 – I bought one of these a while ago and loved it so much. I wear it almost everyday and unfortunately used it up pretty quickly. This is a repurchase and I think I’ll be buying it again and again in the future.

Max Factor Mascara (Re-purchase) – Around £8 I think. – I’ve literally been using this mascara since I was about 15 so you’d think I’d know the price by now, but regardless, it’s my all time favourite. I buy it as soon as my other is used up and I can’t see myself ever changing.

I hope you’ve all had a brilliant Christmas, and have an amazing New Year.

(I’m hoping to haul a few Christmas present bits in the New Year too so keep your eyes pealed.)