An attempt to get rid of those pesky spots

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on August 11, 2016

P1060736 (1)To put it lightly, spots have been doing my head in recently. My skin just isn’t how I want it to be and I’m currently willing to try absolutely anything to get it clear and looking brighter. Obviously the first place I stopped was lush and I’m pretty sure this has accidentally turned into a LUSH haul. As you can see in the photo I picked up a couple of their products and was also given an abundance of samples of different products they recommended. I’ve been using these and I can’t really say I’ve noticed a difference but that’s probably because I’m ridiculously impatient and expect spots to go overnight.


My favourite products at the minute are definitely the Full of Grace, Let The Good Times Roll and obviously Mask of Magnaminty. They make my skin feel amazing and I just hope they get rid of my break-out. I use Let the Good Times Roll each morning and night, and it smells delicious – obviously the main reason I bought it. I will definitely be buying the bigger tub once this runs out because I’m obsessed. After using that I either use Full of Grace or Grease Lightning depending on how my face feels. If my spots are particularly bad I’ll use Grease Lightning and use FoG if it’s not too bad. I’ve also been using my little sample of Mask of Magnaminty and will be heading back to buy the proper thing next time I’m at lush because I used to have this and loved it and the sample has reignited that love.

The other samples I was given were Ocean Salt and Angels on Bare Skin. Ocean Salt makes your skin feel ridiculously smooth, it’s incredible how quickly this product works if you have dry skin. I’m torn between buying this or Let the Good Times Roll. Angels on Bare Skin on the other hand is one I’m not quite as in love with. For a start I’m not a fan of the scent and so putting it on my face is kinda off putting but maybe I need to suck it up and give it a fair chance. Like I said, I’m willing to do anything to get my skin back in tip top condition.


The final product that isn’t lush is the Boots Botanics Cleansing Toner. I use this after cleansing just to ensure that I removed everything and I’ll also sweep it over my face in the mornings too. Again, it’s not made much of a difference so far but I’m hoping once I use these products religiously I might be in for a chance.

What with drinking lots of water, eating breakfast, getting better sleep and changing up my skincare routine, I’m hoping I’ll be saying goodbye to bad skin. Wish me luck.

Have you tried skincare from Lush? What’s your favourite?


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