About me

Posted on March 1, 2013

Hello Readers,

Whether you’re a follower, or have just happened to fall upon my blog somehow then thank you. I really appreciate every view, comment, and follow that I get. I’m never quite sure how to write an “about me” page, talking about myself doesn’t come easy to me.

Basically, my name is Rebekka. I’m 18 years old. I set up my blog in February 2013 after being inspired by other bloggers and writers. I recently discovered that writing was what I wanted to do – forever. It’s something that’s totally original to me, and gives me a way to talk about absolutely nothing, or to inspire someone else. I’m sure you’ll discover that as you read through a couple of my posts. On my blog I talk about anything and everything. I don’t believe in the whole “bloggers must have a niche” nonsense. Being branded as a “lifestyle blogger”, “book blogger” or “beauty blogger” etc doesn’t appeal to me. I’d rather blog about what I want because I’m fairly sure other people like several different things too. On my blog you’ll find book reviews, inspirational quotes, wishlists, hauls, and much more. I hope theres something here that appeals to you, and if not feel free to leave a comment and I promise I’ll work on it.

Although I only have a small following of people at the moment, I love posting on my little space. It’s something I’ve grown to be very proud of, and I hope the blog itself will grow as a result.

Thanks for reading!