25 things I want to do before I’m 21

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on August 24, 2016

25 things to do before I turn 21Goal setting is important. At least, it is for me. If I don’t set goals and motivate myself to achieve them then I probably wouldn’t push myself to escape my comfort zone. Setting goals gets me excited for the future, especially goals that have a deadline.

Whilst some of these aren’t exactly achievable right now, I still want to push myself to get as many crossed off. Some of them scare me but I think that’s the whole point, right? “If your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough” and all that.

I’m hoping to share a few seperate posts dedicated to each of these as I achieve them, hopefully with photo evidence. I think I’ve actually created a pretty strong list tbh so I’m actually pretty excited about it. (Especially the beach in pyjamas and getting a tattoo, woo).

  1. Go to the beach in my pyjamas and wellies.
  2. Exercise and get a fitness routine.
  3. Learn how to use my camera so I can improve my photography.
  4. Go to a concert or a performance of some kind.
  5. Completely finish my nano and send it to publishers.
  6. Stay outdoors (camping, glamping, or treehouse holiday).
  7. Start journaling snippets of my days/everyday thoughts.
  8. Recreate some childhood photos.
  9. Learn to like herbal/green tea.
  10. Use my film cameras and get films developed.
  11. Go abroad.
  12. Go up in a hot air balloon.
  13. Learn to cook properly and be good at it.
  14. See Scotland.
  15. Get a tattoo of something significant.
  16. See the Northern Lights.
  17. Go on a zip wire.
  18. Read 50 books.
  19. Create a vision board and set some goals.
  20. Learn to drive.
  21. Be happy and confident all the time.
  22. Spend more time outside.
  23. Have a picnic while watching the sunset/with an incredible view.
  24. Go to a stargazing location and see the stars and all their vast beauty.
  25. Learn a new positive lifestyle habit.

I have just under a year to attempt to complete this list. Wish me luck.

Do you set goals? What’s on your list?

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  • I love setting goals – it’s so motivating! I’ve actually been exercising for the past few months and at first I didn’t enjoy it but now I do! I follow Blogilates on Youtube and I absolutely love it! 🙂 I also would love to have a sunset picnic and go stargazing. Good luck with your goals x

    • Thank you!! Thats so good! I’ve just got myself a yoga mat and have been following the Blogilates too! I’m glad there are youtube videos out there! xxx

  • Can’t wait to see you tick these off one by one! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Thank you Audrey! Me too. Some scare me though (like the hot air balloon) hahaha xxx

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