15 things I love about the festive season

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on December 6, 2015

P1050103This colder months in the year are definitely my favourites, mainly because I really really don’t like Summer all that much. I much prefer wearing jeans, coats, scarves, and boots than wearing shorts, vests and sandals. Just no. There’s so much I love about this time of year, I could literally go on and on and on, but I won’t. I’ll condense it into fifteen points. You can thank me later.

1) Christmas decorating: it’s the thing I look forward to as soon as all the decorations are put back in the loft. I love decorating each room in the house with christmas quotes, fairy lights, and baubles. This year I have so many things that make my bedroom feel so cosy and warm, including a massive set of fairy lights that light up my bookcase and I LOVE it. I want to keep it lit up all year round, and I probably will.

2) Hot drinks: I drink hot drinks all year round anyway but there’s something special about a hot drink when it’s freezing cold outside. Hot chocolates definitely taste better in the winter. I’m also a little obsessed with Mulled Wine at this time of year. It just tastes so so good. I also found a bottle of it that my Aunty bought me for Christmas last year so if it’s still in date, I’m definitely winning at life.

3) Thick socks and boots: I love wearing boots. For some reason any other kind of shoe gives me really bad blisters so when it gets colder and I can drag all my boots out of my wardrobe I FEEL FAB. I also flipping love the thick soft socks that are pretty much everywhere.

4) Pyjama days. Since it goes dark at about four o’clock now it feels so much more acceptable to wear pyjamas all day. What’s the point in getting dressed anyway? I love wearing pyjamas and in the winter I hate getting dressed. I’d much rather watch movies in my pyjamas all day than move, pft.

5) Candles. My favourite candles at this time of year are definitely yankee because their christmas scents are just to die for. I think I’m going to treat myself to a big yankee candle this year, I love fireside treats and it’s the only one from the collection that matches my room nicely and yes, that does matter.

6) Buying presents for other people: I love this part. Although I hate spending money, I love it when I can spend it on something I know someone else will really like. I’m always really careful when buying gifts because I like buying things that are thoughtful and will be kept and cherished if you like. I especially love buying my family presents at this time of year because Christmas is all about family for me.

7) Baking: I definitely want to do more baking this month because I love it and baking christmas treats is just even better. Again, there’s something about cake that tastes a million times better in the winter. Just me?

8) Christmas channels: whether that’s music or movies. I don’t care. I just love them all.

9) BOOKS: Like I said, I spend the majority of winter in my pyjamas so adding a good book to the mix is definitely my favourite thing. I love reading whilst all the fairy lights and candles are lit, it just feels so cosy and warm.

10) Dumplings: my Nanna made stew and dumplings just last week and it’s rekindled my love. There’s so much food that’s like christmas exclusive and AH it’s so yummy: mince pies, dumplings, stuffing. YUM.

11) Reality shows and Christmas specials: Although I don’t want I’m a Celeb and X Factor come to a close, I do love watching the finals of both shows. I want Louisa to win X factor, and Ferne to win I’m A Celeb (although I did want Duncan but I guess that ships sailed). I’m also looking forward to all the Christmas TV show specials too.

12) Family: Obviously I love my family all year round but I especially love all the family orientated things that we do at this time of year. I see most of my close family weekly anyway, but Christmas time is when I see all that family together. Due to our own individual life things that happen we rarely are together all at once. Sometimes my brothers will be missing, sometimes my aunty or cousin, and I see my Nanna and Grandad at a different time to my other Grandad. But at Christmas everyone is here and celebrating together. We do lots of things over the Christmas period together and it’s always sad when it’s over and life starts again.

13) Searching for Sully and Simba’s christmas outfits: Last year they were Christmas puddings, and the year before that they were Santas. This year is their third Christmas with us so obviously they need a new Christmas outfit.

14) Wrapping up and cold walks: I love the cold. I love when my hands go numb and my cheeks are freezing cold. I love wearing hats, scarves, gloves, jumpers and I love wearing my wellies and not caring when I get to walk through a muddy puddle. I just love it.

15) Finally, is obviously Christmas Day: I love opening my presents with my brothers and Mum and Dad, then the rest of the family arriving, and Christmas dinner and Christmas games. Christmas Day is so warm and festive, and it’s by far my favourite day of the year.

What are your favourite things about the festive season?



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