14 favourites from 2014

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on January 20, 2015

L10105582014 was quite good at making me fall in love with new things. The year was actually quite good, however I’m hoping 2015 will be even better. Obviously, there were some down parts which I’m happy to leave behind but there are 14 things that I will definitely be carrying into the new year with me, because I love them that much.

2014 helped me discover quite a lot about myself. Granted, a few not so good thing had to happen in order to figure them out but thats life. There’s meaning to the bad things that happen, and now I’m glad they did because I feel like a much better person for them happening.

2014 even took me to Ireland, which was by far my favourite part of the year. I’ve always had such a soft spot for Ireland since I was so young, and it lived up to my expectations and more. I’m hoping 2015 will take me there too, maybe even for a little longer.

2014 introduced me to some new books, new TV shows, and new music. I’ve been playing so many CD’s in my bedroom instead of relying on my ipod and I love it. I even gained a fancy new camera, which I cannot live without. I’m expecting there to be a blog post on it in the very near future.

2014 gave me a brand new bedroom. I used to have red wallpaper with dark accessories, and a very small bookcase. Now my bedroom is a pale blue with white accessories, and a pretty huge bookcase. 2014 also got me even more obsessed with candles. I own way more than I should, and I light 8 candles in the evenings, I can’t help it.

2014 had very worthy reality show winners. I’m a celebrity, X Factor, Britians Got Talent: None of these left me disappointed. 2014 also had quite successful movies come out in cinemas, and as a result become my favourites. Especially one in particular. Father Christmas even brought me a couple of things that instantly made it into my 2014 favourites.

2014’s 14 Favourites

1. Melissa and Joey  2. Panasonic Lumix DMC – FZ200  3. Shattered by Teri Terry  4. Infernal Devices  5. The Fault In Our Stars Movie  6. Collabro  7. Leather Journal  8. Melt Candles (Angel)  9. Yankee Wax Tarts  10. BEN HAENOW  11. CD’s  12. The Noticer  13. My  (recently decorated) Room  14. DUBLIN

What was your favourite things from 2014? And what will you carry through to the new year with you?


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