3 books from my Summer TBR

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on July 23, 2016

P1060596 (2)Despite having a gazillion books already on my TBR, here I am with another tab open searching for new books. My amazon basket currently contains four books with 170 items saved for later – the book obsession is bad.

This Summer I’m hoping to get on top of my goodreads challenge because my attempt this year is pathetic, especially considering that this time last year I’d already completed it. In order to achieve it I’m going to need to read like 4 books every month so that’s fab (no, seriously. It is).

At the moment I’m reading Happy People Read & Drink Coffeee by Agnes Martin Lugand, a book I picked up in Dublin a couple of weeks ago. I can’t say it’s amazingly written but I’ve managed to read the majority of it pretty quickly and I’d still say it’s fairly good. I’m loving most of the characters and the plot is really heartbreaking. I may have cried a few times in the 175 pages I’ve read so far.

The other books on my TBR are probably books that I’ll continue to put off as new books bump them down my list. I bought Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre last month I think after visiting the Bronte Parsonage and Haddon Hall (where the film is set). Shockingly I’ve never actually read anything by the Bronte’s despite visiting the Bronte Country quite a lot. Jane Eyre is one that has always been on my TBR along with Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. I started reading Jane Eyre a while ago but my reading slump was bad and a 500+ page book was just too daunting.

Whilst buying Jane Eyre I also bought The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison which is supposed to be an incredible book. I’ve wanted to read some of Morrison’s books for a long while so I’m chuffed that I finally went to Waterstones and didn’t get distracted by all the other pretty little books in there. This book sounds so touching and heartbreaking and with it only being pretty short I reckon it’ll be a great one to read to get me that one step closer to my goodreads goal.

Finally there’s See Me by Nicholas Sparks because what is summer without a Nicholas Sparks novel? I’m really hoping I pick this up and read it soon because it’s been so long since I read one of his books. The last one being The Last Song which I read like 4 years ago so I’m looking forward to delving into another.

Notice how this blog post is called “3 books from my TBR” because I have that many. I’m also hoping to read Beth‘s recommendation of When We Collided after I 100% failed at our readathon (sorry Beth, I’m finally getting round to it!!) and also The Reader on the 6.27 by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent because I spotted it at the checkouts in Waterstones last time I was in there and I was SO close to buying it if my total hadn’t come to over £40. Ooops.

What books are on your TBR? Have you achieved your goodreads goal?



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on July 8, 2016

P1060299Celebrating my birthday in another country is something I never thought I’d do. I’m such a homebird and love spending my birthdays with my family at home but this year I stepped outside of that comfort zone. Today I’ll be spending my twentieth birthday in Ireland, my most favourite place in the world, where I will be waking up to that same view in the photo (obviously I forgot that I changed the photo last minute. I woke up to a view of Dublin, not to a bunch of false tulips). I feel so lucky.

Turning twenty is something I’ve been dreading since I was about seventeen, and now all that seems like such wasted energy because lets face it whether I worry about it or not, it will happen anyway. Weeks, months, years fly past and every milestone will be reached eventually if you’re lucky enough to have the chance and sometimes I forget that. I forget that it’s such a privelidge to reach yet another year older when so many people don’t. In this world we take so much for granted but today, and everyday, I’ll be spending time with the people I love and appreciating all that I have.

And instead of fretting over the fact that I’m no longer a teenager, I hope to be making lots of plans and set new goals. Twenty will be the year things start looking up and I’m going to push my comfort zone in order to make sure that happens. I want to write amazing things, build this little blog, and do things I never thought I would.

I look forward to it.


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on July 7, 2016

P1060028 (1)Just arrived in Dublin ready to celebrate my birthday and it’s all so exciting, especially since my blog name has finally changed over as you’ll probably realise from the link. I figured since I turn twenty tomorrow I should have a fresh start with everything, including my blog. I wasn’t exactly happy with the way it was before and 2016 didn’t exactly provide many blog posts either, and I seem to have only just got my motivation back.

I’ve made quite a few changes to my lifestyle recently, some that I’ll only talk about towards the end of the month as I’m afraid I might jynx it, but they are all things I’m super excited about and I know will make a big difference to my everyday life and confidence. I’m taking a few steps to becoming a happier version of myself, not that I’m an unhappy person by any means but just basically changing the parts of my life that I want to be a little different. I think we all know the things that make us unhappy, whether that’s people in our lives, the way we look, or something else entirely, and while I don’t want to change everything I’m unhappy about I’m going to learn to accept those things instead.

By expanding my comfort zone, reading a few of the right books and speaking to the right people, I’m hoping that things will begin to change.

This will be my last post as a nineteen year old (sad, right?). I hope you all stick around on my “happily-bek” journey.

Have a lovely week. xxx


Bear with me

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on June 27, 2016

P1060058For six months now I’ve been wanting to change my blog name. So many aspects of my life have been changing over the last few months that it feels like I’m reinventing myself and, I don’t know, changing my blog name feels like the right thing to do.

I started this blog when I was 16 and miserable. I was going to college full of anxiety and leaving in tears each day, and somehow this blog acted as a distraction for me. It gave me something I felt passionate about and scheduling photos and posts helped to take my mind off the next day/week/month.

Now, I’m almost twenty and a lot has changed since then. I quit college and I grew as a person. I was able to deal with my anxiety a little better and I was able to focus on things I enjoyed and discovered things about myself that I never knew I cared about. I’ve been to places I thought I wouldn’t and I’ve created so many little goals that I really want to achieve in my twentieth year.

This blog is a huge part of that plan because I’ve missed having my two posts scheduled each week and taking photos and saving packaging for pretty much everything so that I can take photos. I’ve missed commenting and reading other blogs and sharing my posts across social media. I want my blog to be a document of days and a document of my life. I want to share my experiences of overcoming fears and the things that helped me. I even want to continue writing (a lot) about the books I’m reading or other random things. I’m not changing my blog to change the entire content, but more to prompt me to post about the things that matter again.

I’ve been on the longest blogging break and I apologise about that, but once my brain decides to help me out and think of a new blog name I’ll be back and I’m so excited about it (sad, I know). This post is basically just asking you to bear with me (and also to hint kindly for someone to think of a blog name because oh my god is it frustrating trying to think of one).

PS: bare with me, or bear with me? NO IDEA

This good life goes on

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on June 11, 2016

P1050960Gosh it’s been a long time since I’ve logged into this. Actually, that’s a lie because I’ve been here typing posts and never posting them. Why? I have no idea. I feel like I’ve lost my blogging confidence somehow. Everything I write doesn’t seem like a good idea to post. I was going to fill you in on all the goings on over the past few weeks but it’s heavy to write about because obviously I have a couple of months to do and ah, maybe one day.

Recently my attention has been solely focussed on getting my life back because I sure as hell seemed to lose it in the last few years. Fear seemed to have taken control of every element of my life and obviously when you’re scared of everything things can get a little bland. I’m super pleased to say that things are a little better, not massively, but small steps right?

I went to the cinema for the first time in about 4 years, such a normal thing for everyone else but for me feels like I’ve achieved something massive. I also held my own stall at a fair selling my Fairy Houses. But the reading and writing side of things has quietened down for the time being but I’m hoping to get it back. I’m currently attempting to read Jane Eyre and I’m actually really enjoying it so far. I live so close to the Bronte Country and can’t believe it’s taken me so long to read anything by the Bronte sisters. I’m hoping to read Vilette and Wuthering Heights afterwards, I’m currently searching all my local bookstores for the editions that I want, it can be difficult living a life so book obsessed (except it’s not difficult because being book obsessed is the best).

Over the course of the last couple of months we’ve visited so many places that I’m wanting to post about on here soon. I love seeing stately homes so we’ve seen plenty of those, as well as some beautiful beaches and visiting the Zoo for the first time in years. I’ve felt like a proper little tourist exploring all the places that are actually within an hour from where I live. It’s really opened my eyes to all the places that are nearby that I’ve never actually been to. I always say I want to travel more but maybe I should start with my own country, even my own town. It’s ridiculous how many places I didn’t even know existed after I’ve been googling.

More importantly I’ve realised that spending my weekends outside with my camera around my neck is much more enjoyable than traipsing around shopping centres. Obviously I love shopping and treating myself every now and then (probably more often than I should) but walking and seeing all these beautiful places that hold so much history has made me appreciate things a lot more.

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. What’ve you been up to? Ever been to the Bronte Country?